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"P4C & Rationality  in the New World: An Interview with Matthew Lipman & Ann Margaret Sharp"






(Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children)






The journal of philosophy for children

Vol. 18, Number 1/2006


Table of  contents


  • Revue of WIse guy: the life and philosophy of Socrates (G. B. Matthews)

  • C. G. Moore: a precursor of Philosophy for children (M. Laverty)

  • Are we resonsible for our emotions and moods? (M. Schleifer & M. Mc Cormick)

  • EMpaty, intesubjectivity, and the creation of the relational subject (M. Schertz)

  • The legitimacy of ctitical thinking  (S. Boyum)

  • WHy do people go to school?  (N. Brubaker)



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